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Thank You Mr and Mrs Kumar!

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Big shout out to Mr and Mrs Kumar, who very generously contributed $10,000 to my grad school fund!!! Truly speechless, I’m so, so very grateful. Had lunch with this lovely couple today, they were so wonderful, I had to bake them some home-made inside-out chocolate chip cookies (topped with Hershey’s cookies and cream!)



Mr and Mrs Kumar have been such a tremendous help, spreading the word out to different people to help me with my fundraising efforts. There are angels out there!


As of now, with the pledges I’ve received from my crowd-funding site, my personal savings and the annual scholarship from The Boston Conservatory, I can now officially afford my first academic year of grad school!!!!


However, I still have another $60,973 to raise!! You can help by pledging an amount for as little as $10 and get some really cool rewards in return (**New Exclusive Beach Club Membership Pledge** was added yesterday) Every amount counts!!


Visit www.ticketmash.sg/minakaye for more details!



Mina Kaye

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